We have over 20 professional engineers to provide technology support. We will ensure that the design meets the customers demand and schedule.Our team of technical support staff provides professional and continuous assistance for our valuable customers, to solve problems with specific rubber,metal,Screw&spring accessories and machinery at anytime, anywhere. We pledge to keep our hard work to enhance our products and services. We would like to thank you for your continuous support! 

Assessment & verification on product design

1. Experience & rule-based analysis
It is a routine and “must-done” job to check customer product design before Rubber & Stamping Mould fabrication. It will help us pick-up potential trouble-making points to avoid time-consuming costly modification after trial run.
Generally, a product designer is not necessary to be a mold designer at the same time. As a result, generally, it is unavoidable that many customers’ drawings include un-moldable and/or trouble-making features, such as undercut and hidden features or too thick wall, etc. As molder, we are obliged to pick out and fix all these problems. 
As you can imagine, some time will be cost here. But, it will save us time and money in the long run.

2. Mould Feasible Study
We address this process for some projects, especially for some complex parts, because, sometimes, we need to assess the manufacturing feasibility and optimize mold layout beforehand. This way, we can find out problems in the early stage when the cost of change is least, instead of waiting until first trial run.Through simulating, analyzing, optimizing and validating rubber&metal part and mould designs, we avoid the high cost and time delays associated to the problems undiscovered in the design stage.



- Unigraphics/Pro-E /Solidworks f or mould/ product design;

- AutoCAD for 2d drawing.